The MN series pumps belong to the rotating positive-displacement pump category. The MN series has been perfected with the aim of achieving maximum performance in line with such compact dimensions and a highly competitive price.
The reduced weight and compact dimensions allow this pump to be used in restricted spaces and in situations that are not particularly demanding.

Construction and technical characteristics

The flow rate varies according to the rotor pitch. The MN series covers a flow rate that ranges from 3.3 to 2700 l/min. The pressure varies from 0 to 14 bar, according to the length of the stator.
The parts in contact are made from thick chrome plated steel or 304 – 316l stainless steel according to the product to be pumped. The seal is either mechanical or gland. The stators are made from natural or different mixes of synthetic rubber (viton, silicon, perbunan, etc.). Special materials are available upon request.
The support is directly connected to the gearmotor or the variable speed drive.

Field of use

Thanks to the technical devices used and the unique operation mechanism, these pumps guarantee maximum performance when pumping must, grape clusters, fruit juices, jams, marmalades, oils, acid, adhesives, cellular cement marble sludge, lime putty, etc.
When pumping fluids with viscosity and/or abrasion levels that are different from water, it is advisable never to reach the limit pressure and flow rate values given in the table.
For the pump to work well, we recommend making sure that no air is being sucked in and that the fluid to be pumped is continually available in order to prevent the pump from working dry. The values given in the table refer to tests carried out using fluids with characteristics similar to water.