The C.M.O. PI series single screw pump was developed after years of working closely with the leading mixing machine manufacturers.
This machine permits the mixing of cement materials inside a special hopper with water and then to inject them directly at high pressures.
The light weight and the practicality of the trolley makes the pump particularly easy to manoeuvre even in the most restricted areas, whereas the capacious loading hopper, which is also provided with a sack breaker allows the machine to be directly installed beneath a silo.

The guillotine coupling between the joint with the feeding screw and the rotor ensures the simple disassembly and the replacement of the stator, thanks also to the lateral closing hinges that ensure rapid removal of the pumping compartment whenever necessary. Because it can be completely disassembled, the internal parts of the machine in contact with the product can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

The standard machine can be equipped with a hydraulic motor controlled by a manual distributor that allows the inversion of oil flow for the inversion of pump rotation, or alternately with an electric gearmotor, which if mounted under inverter guarantees increased or decreased rotation speed and consequent variation in flow rate.

For better material mixing, the pump is equipped with metal mesh piping for water inlet and a flowmeter that guarantees a constant flow during the phases of mixing and injection.
The pump is also supplied with a diaphragm gauge installed at the pump outlet point that ensures a constant control of the outlet pressure during all work phases.