Construction and technical characteristics

The “PV” series pump is a special type of semi-submersible single screw pump designed to work vertically instead of horizontally as the standard models do. Expressly designed to solve problems caused by sucking products inside tanks, sewers, cisterns, drums, wells, these pumps are distinguished by an elevated positive suction head created because the pumping compartment is directly inserted inside the product to be pumped.
The particular priming method also guarantees a good result with both abrasive and corrosive highly viscous liquids.
As with standard single screw pumps, the fields of application of “PV” series pumps are many in number: Agriculture, Chemicals, Building, Water Treatment, Food and Beverages (wine, preserves, oils, jams, cheese, etc.), Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Field of use

The numerous fields of application of this pump required a careful search for the most appropriate constructive materials and the best applications in order to cover every single client need and obtain the number of applications and settings required to guarantee “PV” series pumps the elevated flexibility for use in situations where other models are impractical.